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Jessica Eagleton - Staff Assistant
Dorothy Dixon - Administrative Assistant


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Governing Board



Allion's Governing Board serves as the school's main consultative body. Composed of parents, staff members and community representatives, this committee approves policies regarding many areas of school life and is consulted on many important issues.

All Governing Board meetings are open to the public, and we welcome you to attend. Notices regarding the meeting dates and times are publicized monthly in the school calendar found on our website.

Meetings are generally held in the staff room at the school at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

Governing Board meetings are open to the Public. Please email: allion_gb@lbpearson.ca for more information on how you can attend as a guest.

Any parents wishing to bring a concern to the attention of the Governing Board may do so through the following email address: ALLION_GB@lbpearson.ca

  • We ask that you please keep in mind that the Governing Board addresses concerns of a general nature as opposed to individual concerns. Individual matters should be addressed either with your child’s classroom teacher or other school staff member or the school principal.

Any parent may present himself/herself as a candidate or nominate another parent at the Governing Board General Assembly held in September (see the school calendar on our website), at which an election is held. Members are elected for a two-year mandate.


2022-2023 Members

Parent Representatives Staff Representatives
Valerie Beaudet
Linda Aubertin
SEED Daycare & Lunch
Annette Banton
LBPSB Parents' Committee Representative
SNAC Representative
Karen Gallant
Patrick Bayne Caroline Leblanc
Nadia Longo
Shannon Kelly Pine
Anouk Petit Alyssa Snow
Todd Smith Alexandra Vietri

Josie D'Adamo
(non-voting member; ex-officio)




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Rules of Internal Management

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Rules of Internal Management

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