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140 - 9th Avenue, LaSalle, QC H8P 2N9

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About our School


Allion School opened its door in the mid 1930s and continues to serve the LaSalle borough of Montreal, Quebec. The century-old borough of LaSalle offers quiet residential streets lined with two-storey apartment buildings, duplexes, large condominiums, and a mix of semi-attached and detached family homes. It has been and continues to be a haven for renters. The borough is rich in natural beauty such as the lush green space of Angrignon Park and the vibrant rush of the Lachine Rapids. It is bounded by the borough of Lachine to the west, Verdun and Ville-Emard to the south and Montreal West and Notre-Dame-De-Grace (NDG) to the north, LaSalle is also well-known for its bustling commercial sector on Angrignon and Newman Boulevards. LaSalle is easily accessed from Highway 20 and public transportation. It offers a quiet, safe, residential neighbourhood, 15 minutes from downtown Montreal.

Allion Elementary School was originally located on 5th Avenue and in 2007 relocated to its present premises on 9th Avenue and Centrale Street.  The school is attached to LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School (the only English high school in the city borough).  The eastern area of 9th Avenue is commonly referred to as the “Bronx of LaSalle”; while on the western-southern area, close to the Lakeshore Boulevard, nestles a more affluent neighbourhood of single family dwellings.


Our present enrolment is approximately 340 students, with an overall capacity of 350 students.   It is not uncommon to learn that many of the students’ parents, grandparents, and yes, even teachers, have attended Allion Elementary School.


Characteristics of the School


We are a bilingual school, which exposes students to a solid foundation in both the French and English languages.  In all three cycles (Grades 1-6) French Language Arts, Social Science, Visual Arts and Science and Technology are taught in French.  English Language Arts, Ethics and Religious Culture, Mathematics, Music, Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy, and Physical and Health Education are taught in English.  The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed in both languages.  Music, Visual Art, and Physical Education, which includes fitness and nutrition, are taught at all levels.  The curriculum is prescribed by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport as outlined in The Québec Education Program

Our two-storey school has a gymnasium, a music room, and a state-of-the-art computer lab.  Our library is well stocked and fully automated, operating five days a week thanks to our parent volunteers.  We also have access to a full auditorium and on special occasions a cafeteria.  Raymond Park and Field are adjacent to our school, providing us easy access at recess and during school activities.  Daycare and Lunch Services are also available.  Three days a week, for a nominal fee, we offer healthy hot lunches. 


On staff we have resource teachers, a family school support treatment technician (FSSTT), and integration aides who help support children with social and/or behavioural issues.  One day a week we also have a: Spiritual Animator and Special Projects Coordinator. A school social worker and nurse (attached to our local CSSS) are also on-call and visit on a regular basis.  The school also benefits from the guidance of various school board educational consultants and student services consultants.  We work collaboratively with several social services partners such as:  Centre de Santé et de services sociaux (CSSS),  Victoria Order of Nurses (VON), Catholic Community Services (CCS), the Missing Children’s Network, LaSalle’s Boys and Girls Club, to name a few.


We have strong music, art, and physical education programs.  Every classroom is equipped with an interactive electronic board and teachers have access to an audio microphone system to present their lessons.  Since the early 1990s, Allion’s priority has been to ensure that our children develop strong literacy skills through various programs. We are part of the Peaceful Schools initiative and encourage peer mediation programs.  We have a strong anti-bullying program and school spirit which is promoted through our R-S-R (Responsible – Safe – Respectful) Program.




Our Mission Statement

The mission of Allion Elementary School is to provide a safe and caring community climate, which facilitates the personal, academic, spiritual, and physical development of the students as life-long learners.  The school is dedicated to bringing all students to their individual levels of excellence by providing them with best teaching practices, experiences, and role models.  Our ultimate purpose is to help the student become a productive member of a global community who is ready for challenges and to assume responsibility in a rapidly changing world.



School Vision / Mission


In the early 1990s Allion joined the “Koality Kid” Program, which encouraged quality work and attitudes.  Over the years this program became an integral part of the Quebec Curriculum Reform.  In 2011, after consulting with the student body, parents and staff, Allion developed its very own guiding principles, crest, and mascot, with the motto: Nurturing leading citizens of tomorrow.


The mission of Allion Elementary School is to promote a safe and caring school, which facilitates the personal, academic, spiritual and physical development of the students as lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow.  The school is dedicated to bringing all students to their individual levels of excellence by providing them with best teaching practices, experiences, and role models.  Our ultimate purpose is to help the student become a productive member of a global community who excellence in face of challenges and is readily able to assume responsibility in a rapidly changing world.


We promote values of sharing with one another and caring for one another.  We help each other and support each other.  We understand that together we are strong.  Respect, Safety, and Responsibility are truly important to each one of us and understand that it begins with each individual.  We are also very conscious of our environment and our responsibility to preserve our environment to ensure that we can continue benefitting from its resources for years to come.  We also understand that through good citizenship we not only grow personally, but also within our community.  Education is extremely important to all of us here – we understand that for success we require commitment and hard work.  We understand that we are the leaders of tomorrow and we have responsibility to make good choices for our success the success of our community.  Our Code of Conduct and Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence Plan is based on our R – S – R Program, being Respectful, Safe, and Responsible at all times. It's all about the Al the Lion's ROAR: Respect Others, Be Safe, Accept Responsibility.



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